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Annie Pumpa reflects on how she landed a dream job in the midst of a pandemic | The Land



Bill Cornell is one of the many mentors helping Annie Pumpa succeed. Photo: Supplied

Not many people can say they gained their dream job in the midst of a global pandemic but Annie Pumpa sure has a story to tell.

It was May last year when the 22-year-old started a new sales position with ABS Global Australia and she has already become a familiar face with the brand.

So how did a girl who deferred university, worked on a free-range pig farm and had no idea what she wanted to do after high school land such a significant role within the livestock industry?

“Never say no to a handshake,” she said.

“I have met with a lot of people. I look back on the people I know now and 10 years ago they were the people I was scared to shake hands with. Now I…

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